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Effective Safety Leadership 1 © Safety Leadership training for Managers ( a one day training module for between 10 to 15 employees )

An essential and enjoyable course encompassing the essential skills all Managers & Supervisors should have to be an effective Safety Leader in the workplace. Safety Conversational styles, toolbox talks , the importance of body language and “group think” are just a few of the many subjects covered in this course.

Effective Safety Leadership 2 © A behavioral Safety Audit Training Program to measure the effectiveness of our Safety Leadership, designed to for both Managers and Supervisors. ( a one day training module for between 4 to 8 employees)

An auditing course that gives a deep understanding of the principles of effective safety observation and communication in the workplace, either operational or in the office environment. A real foundation course for Safety Leaders, theory in the morning and “hands on” practical in the afternoon at sites selected by the Client.

Effective Task Risk Assessment (TRA) for Front Line Supervisors ( a one day training module for between 4 to 8 employees )

An absolutely first class practical course that takes any potentially hazardous activity and enables a team to identify hazards and controls in a systematic way. Effective Safety Leadership Ltd also are sufficiently adaptable to use an example from your specific site in the practical training (Bespoke training for your Organization). In addition we can integrate any particular features you would like to maintain in your current risk assessment processes

Effective Accident Investigation and Analysis for Managers & Supervisors ( a one day training module for between 4 to 8 employees )

This course using the principles of causational analysis and time lining to illustrate effective incident investigation and analysis. The course uses interesting case studies and enables the attendees to get “hands on” application of the theory

Safety Leadership Auditing

Effective Safety Leadership Ltd Auditing Service:

We provide a “Safety Health Check” that will enable you to measure your self against a major international operator. (The duration and scope would be defined in advance and Clients would be invited to provide their own team members led by our experienced Effective Safety Leadership Ltd Team Leader)


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The Effective Safety Leadership Ltd “How to be an Effective Safety Leader©” Program

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Effective Safety Leadership Ltd can run various Risk Management Courses

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Safety Leadership Training and Safety Leadership Auditing:

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- Accident Investigation and Analysis Training
- HSE Compliance Auditing
- HSE Facilitation at Conferences and Forums

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