The Testimonials below reflect the opinion of the individuals who John Kerrigan has trained or supported in their Safety Effort. They do not necessarily reflect the views of their corporate organisations.

SUBJECT: Behavioral Safety Auditing Training UK Oil

“Having completed the above course I'd like to pass comment on the excellent structure and delivery by John Kerrigan. The course, I feel, achieved its aim in providing the necessary 'tools' to be able to train others, far different from being on the basic course. It was well organized, and ran like clockwork - all credit to John and his preparatory work at the facility in Stanlow, whose staff were also instrumental to the course success. I would also like to add praise to John's style of delivery. His experience, not only in health and safety matters relating to the business but also in the presentation of the training, was excellent.”

Mark Cobham
BP SIBU Europe HSSE Advisor

SUBJECT: Behavioral Safety Auditing Training China Oil

"John, Thank you for the training! After the course I understood why you are the expert! It was a wonderful training. Good schedule, good coaching, good arrangement for 3 days including site exercise. Those videos are really impressive! This is the best training I attended! and It will be great help to us to improve our quality and for safety management! Best Regards "

David Xu
HSSE Manager of BP China LPG

SUBJECT: Safety Auditing and Safety Coaching at Ras Shukier Oil and Gas Operations Egypt whilst working for BP.

"John, just want to say thanks for all your help on this over the last three years. You have been a great coach and HSE mentor to the team and I know they appreciate it. It goes without saying that I'm really pleased with this result! We could not have done it without you. " Thanks for the good wishes.

Jim Hardy
BP Egypt Management Team Operations

SUBJECT: Behavioral Safety Auditing Development and Training

" Effective Safety Leadership Ltd has been pivotal to the development of Technip's Group wide Behavior based system. Following an initial consultation period Effective Safety Leadership Ltd worked closely with Technip's QHSES dept to address Technip's needs within their existing framework. Effective Safety Leadership Ltd quickly demonstrated an understanding of Technip's organizational structure and business processes and delivered a final product which has been successfully rolled out to more than 11 offshore vessels and their worldwide onshore support offices. Effective Safety Leadership Ltd has gained respect for its practical approach which is backed up by industry experience and sound theoretical foundations

John Greensnyth
HSEQ Team Leader Technip Offshore Aberdeen