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Accident Investigation and Analysis Training:

This is a one day training program – for up to a maximum of 12 attendees and is designed to give Managers and Supervisors a practical tool to firstly help identify and distinguish between basic and system causes of accidents. Then to identify the critical factors that will lead to effective remedial measures to prevent reoccurrence. The advanced technique of time lining is used in this course—originally developed by the aircraft accident investigation authorities. At the end of the course attendees will have the necessary skills to conduct their own investigations in the field.

HSE Compliance Auditing:

Effective Safety Leadership Ltd have had considerable experience in HSEMS Audits as well as Engineering Project Health Safety and Environment Audits (PHSERs). It should be noted that Technical Integrity is a strong feature of all audits performed by Effective Safety Leadership Ltd .

The PHSER Audits would ideally start at the conceptual design stage and lead onto the prestart up stage.

Effective Safety Leadership Ltd will lead the team through the audit process itself and also incorporate many of the HSE lessons learned in their previous involvement in many other Projects.

HSE Facilitation at Conferences and Forums :

Effective Safety Leadership Ltd can incorporate their many years experience in developing your HSE objectives. We can also facilitate the conference ensure your objectives are achieved

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The Effective Safety Leadership Ltd “How to be an Effective Safety Leader©” Program

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Effective Safety Leadership Ltd can run various Risk Management Courses

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Safety Leadership Training and Safety Leadership Auditing:

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- Accident Investigation and Analysis Training
- HSE Compliance Auditing
- HSE Facilitation at Conferences and Forums

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